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Oh hai livejournal, sorry I don't write to you anymore. I'm busy graduating and going to law school in the Fall so I can finally live my dream of putting people in prison.

I've already decided I'm going to wear power suits and be ruthless but I don't think I'll have a commercial on television.

Otherwise, everything is great. My indoor terrarium is flourishing, I've set up a studio for my stained glass making and I've been given a chance to work on Economic Development Research for the City of Buffalo. Which is an improvement from last year when my job was to go around interviewing people in the ghettos, which generally made be bitter to all humanity. Seriously, why do the poorest people always have the money to afford drugs, expensive cars, and big tvs from rent-a-center while living in the worst slums and complaining that they can't "afford a nice area."

I'm also pretty sure the government is engineering "orange drink" and puffy cheese doobles to control the masses so they only watch reality MTV shows about ghetto/white trash people looking for love, money, drugs, rap stardom or the such.

It's almost all foreign. I grew up poorer than 99% of people in the City of Buffalo, I'm sure. We lived in the Soviet Union, in a one bedroom apartment with my grandmother. Everybody worked full time, there was always food on the table and clothes to wear but never these material items that "poor" people now own, and even feel like they deserve. Items in the apartment where all 20-40 years old, nothing was ever replaced until it's usage was completely worn. It's just disgusting as to what is considered poor these days in America, the definition is essentially the inability to afford a big screen TV and $300 sneakers.

Oddly enough, in the immigrant community I was raised in when we moved to America, mostly everybody from there now makes six figure salaries and their kids are in college and doing well. These are people who came to America in their 20's and 30's, who went to college, worked three jobs and barely spoke English. Yet they where able to move ahead in the world because they didn't want to live off of welfare the rest of their lives, in a shitty neighborhood that was dirty and crime ridden. It wasn't important to drive a nice car, or have whatever was popular at the time.

That's probably the difference between Americans and Immigrants, Americans equate giving their children a better life by buying them expensive clothes and other garbage to keep up appearances. But Immigrants equal giving their children a better life by actually working for it, and pushing them to go to school so they can eventually be comfortable in the long term.

So yes, that's the end of my rant.

Chris and I are redoing a house he rescued off of the City of Buffalo's chopping block, it's looking more and more beautiful by the day. The outside was painted last year, it's this deep shade of purple on the lower and chocolate brown on the upper with white trim. The progress is astounding, rents started at $100 per room when he bought it last year and as we've been doing more and more things to it they're getting up to $250-$300 a room. The best part is, I get to paint things crazy colours to my hearts content.

Mark McKee

This is the shirt you wore
when someone you'd hurt wore sunglasses
in an airport at night
and told the woman at the counter
that everything was fine. Fine.
We are populated by each other
and this is a disease of animals.
Whose means include syllables. Jean Cocteau
would have loved this evening,
it's 1930 in Paris somewhere—
this is a disease
we airplanes have, chasing bells
hooked into the ribs of the wind-licked causeway.
This is the shirt you wore, right?
which burned in water
like a map soaped in gasoline
calling to matches. These are the sunglasses
upon which such scars of streetlights.
We are each alone. You play a fiddle or a violin,
you make the garrote wire bend resonant
and pretty over a box of shadow.
You get the hot fries from the vending machine
like it's nothing. There is a mouth
on either side of you
but only one leopards your neck.
Take / your make-up / off.
We are in this together. Kind of.
This is a city where you lived.
A girl sits cross-legged with her guitar
beside the last window you will have to yourself,
all is well, all is well then the calm snaps.
A boulder sighs down the stairs.
None of the lights are right
but someone mercurial turns a grin out of the ruckus
and it is enough. Before before
you let your foot push hard against the floor,
the silver-slivered night shivering above you
so you nearly thought it would be beautiful enough
to be enough. This is not hell, the night
laced with neon, neon another version of blood,
this is not the same shirt.
If I started saying Sorry or I love you now
I would never stop.


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Now, why don't I see any posts about Obama's horrible stimulus plan that the senate is going WTFNOIDIOT to? If this was Bush, all of you would be going insane by now saying how awful and stupid he is. So, I'll say it now for you since everybody seems to have their head up their gigantic ass about Obama.


Even his own party is looking at him like he can't add. My favourite is the part where he wants to give business money for retaining workers. I believe Conrad said best in the article "If I'm a business person, it's unlikely if you give me a several thousand dollar credit that I'm going to hire people if I can't sell the products they're producing."


Obama urged Congress on Thursday to "act boldly and act now" to fix an economy growing perilously weaker, even as top Democrats said they dislike key provisions, especially the design of his tax cuts.

Democrats such as Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad complained openly that many of the incoming administration's proposed tax cuts wouldn't work. Republicans warned against excessive new spending, with both parties signaling the incoming president they intend to place their own stamp on the economic recovery effort.

Conrad, D-N.D., and Sen. Judd Gregg, R-N.H., also staked a firm position against using the economic recovery plan for permanent spending increases, opening a split with House Democrats hoping to use the plan to broaden eligibility for unemployment insurance and boost education spending.

"Doing things that would have a permanent effect when we face trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see is just unwise," Conrad said.

A call for a $3,000 tax break for job creation drew particular criticism in a closed-door meeting, and numerous lawmakers said Obama had not ticketed enough of his tax proposal for energy.

But there was little or no dispute about the need for action, and Obama's remarks coincided with a pair of government reports showing fresh weakness in an economy already in recession. An updated reading on unemployment was expected to bring even more bad news on Friday.

"If nothing is done, this recession could linger for years," with unemployment reaching double digits, Obama said in a speech at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. "A bad situation could become dramatically worse."

Obama's aides and congressional Democrats have been at work for weeks on legislation to create new jobs, help the unemployed, cut taxes and aid cash-strapped states. There also are subsidies to help the newly unemployed afford their health care, a big new effort to improve the energy efficiency of federal buildings, and tax credits for business investment in plants and equipment.

The details are closely held and subject to change — and the cost of various components seems to be bouncing around daily in the push and pull between the Obama transition team and congressional leaders.

Obama's chief political strategist, David Axelrod, and incoming chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, heard plenty of ideas and criticisms during Capitol Hill meetings Thursday.

"There was what one would expect, which is constructive comments," Axelrod told reporters. "I'm not going to characterize it as push-back. I'm going to characterize it as people doing their jobs."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., promised lawmakers would cancel next month's planned Presidents' Day recess if necessary.

"We are not going home without an economic recovery package," she told reporters, and Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, at a different appearance, agreed that that allowed enough time to get the job done.

About $300 billion of Obama's package would be for tax cuts or refunds for individuals and businesses.

One tax provision would provide a $500 tax cut for most workers and $1,000 for couples, at a cost of about $140 billion to $150 billion over two years. The individual tax cuts may be awarded through withholding less from worker paychecks, effectively making checks about $10 to $20 larger each week.

Democrats emerging from a closed-door meeting of the Senate Finance Committee had little positive to say about the tax cut proposals. Conrad was critical of the proposed break for workers and their families.

"Twenty bucks a week. How much of a lift is that going to give?" he said.

Nor did he sound positive about a proposed tax break for businesses to create jobs — a $3,000 tax credit for companies that hire or retrain workers.

"If I'm a business person, it's unlikely if you give me a several thousand dollar credit that I'm going to hire people if I can't sell the products they're producing," Conrad said.

Republicans noted forecasts of a record $1.2 trillion deficit for the current year and said too much additional spending could be harmful. "We can't buy prosperity with more and more government spending," declared Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, the House Republican leader.

There's Pidgens down in market square, she's standing in her underwear

Unfortunate yet foreseeable accidents in circumstances that are less than perfect continue to occur on paramount levels.

While testing out my new TomTom by walking around the block this afternoon, I found out that the stupid contraption can also measure speed. Naturally, the only course of action that made sense was to start running as fast as possible down the sidewalks that are less than plowed in order to see how fast I can run. I mean honestly, it's just curiosity. Anyway, needless to say or even imply that I ended up falling face first onto the first sidewalk I hit that wasn't shoveled while staring into the screen of the TomTom going SWEET I CAN RUN 8 MILES AN HOUR.

I'm not convinced this is a good thing.

Oddly enough, I didn't learn my lesson well enough since I did the exact same thing on the treadmill a few hours later and instead ended up getting thrown back into the coffee table.

Whatever, I'm still amused. 8 miles an hour!

and this is why people think we're racist or, THRIFT HORRORS

Honestly, my love of bad thrift store art has come to an ultimate climax. When I spotted this series of lovingly painted paintings across the store and ran to them with arms white open. These have become the ultimate conversation piece in our house among guests. We try to discuss the detail, the purpose, the race of the person who painted these. So far, it's 75% black, 25% white guilt. Who knows. Anyway, enjoy, laugh, gasp and don't tell me that I hate black people because I find these hilarious on many levels (from all sorts of inaccuracies, to the crazy butts and well, everything.)

Oh, and due to the hilarious nature of the pictures, they cannot go behind a cut.


I am the proudest monkey

3.75 gpa
Double degree in Finance and International Business
Minor in Economic Policy Analysis

<---- In stores, May 2009

This is all after I took a semester off, failed a semester and decided that I wanted to move to Buffalo. Next semester I've got all electives left, so my major GPA will be intact. I take the LSATs in Feb, apply to Law School and then grow a tail and proceed to rule over hell.

On another note, my new business idea is to put turbines around the coffin of George Eastman because if he saw what had become of Kodak today, he would start spinning so fast that at least they'd be able to generate electricity off of him.

Dear Cunty art history professor,

Why are you such a huge bitch? I'm not an art history major, I will never be. I couldn't care less about your meaningless class and the even more meaningless inane trivia you want me to learn.

Note: I am an Economics major, this is an elective. I DON'T CARE, this will never make me any money.


Your Student